You Belong Here by Kayla Brooks

I belong here
You belong here
We belong here
We won’t belong here

We could be…
A harmonious collection of energies
A cacophony of beauty
We call this intentional community
A hodge podge
Of this and that
Business suits meets dirty slacks

Always putting people out
What about bringing em in
Always silencing voices
What about listening ears
Questions and query
Oh my
Are we not weary
Of the toil
The burden
The exhaustion
Of building fences not bridges
Of balancing on the backs of others
instead of extending hands
Of shutting out vs bringing in
What about altering the present?
Reimagining the future?

This is home to many
Not just the some
In sum
Come get you some
Whatever it is that you need
Because you belong here

I hope you Be, Long Here

Exist as your whole self more than a short
period of time
You belonnnnnnnnnnng here
This yo home here

Nay sayers may say not
But your heart knocks
Against your breast
Send these lil vibrations through your chest
You’re alive and breathing
Most certainly you have meaning
Big, medium, small
If you walk, roll, or crawl
Your difference, my difference
Makes us dynamic

How do we amplify voices
Of the marginalized and discarded
Overlooked and downtrodden
Proclaim we/you/ they are not inferior
But humans to be acknowledged and considered

You have a place here
You get to be a human being
who is young, old, slim, fat, undocumented, disabled, differently abled, bilingual,
Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu 
a human being

You are worthy
Worthy of being included
Non binary, trans, gay, poor, uneducated, formerly incarcerated, mentally ill, unskilled
Refugee, sexually free, abused, misused, indigenous, black, brown person
A woman
In this moment  
I create space for you/ there is a place for you 
I carve out room
For you
For collective access
of the oppressed
to just breathe and be for a moment
a reminder you deserve 
we deserve 
to exist and thrive 
in a community designed with us in mind

I belong here
You belong here
We belong here

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