Personal Retreat

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Kids SmilingIn addition to the schedule of Themed Retreats, Magnolia Grove is open for personally planned visits almost every week of the year. This is a wonderful opportunity to truly come home: to rest, refresh and heal, and cultivate mindfulness in daily life. Join the community of monks, nuns and lay practitioners in following the daily rhythm and practice schedule of the monastery. We invite you to join us for a deep experience of mindful living for a two-week, one-week, or weekend retreat, as we continue to celebrate the wonders of life and the joy of living mindfully in the present moment. Open to individuals, couples, families, and small groups.  (If your group is larger than eight, please contact our registration office to plan for a Group Retreat.)


Is this your first visit? For Personal Retreats, please arrive on a Friday in time for 6:00pm dinner and 7:30 pm orientation. Please understand that we cannot accommodate late arrivals. (You may need to schedule to take off work, or to work only half a day on Friday, in order to be with us on time.)

Please register in advance. We ask that you register at least by Monday for arrival in the week following that Monday to help with planning and preparation for your visit. You may not be allowed to stay if you arrive without having registered in advance.

Only if you have stayed at the monastery before: you may register to arrive on other day of the week  (for personal retreats). Please make a note of this request when you register.

Practical Information:

  • Please arrive at the monastery between 3:00pm-5:30pm on Fridays.
  • Please note that not all Fridays are arrival days and not all arrival days are available for one or two-week retreats. Feel free to contact us regarding available dates.
  • Please register for your retreat a few weeks in advance so you will have enough time to receive and read through all confirmation information.


    • Tent– Adult $40/night | Teen $28/night | Child $20/night
    • Dormitory – Adult $50/night | Teen $35/night | Child $25/ night
    • Cabin – Adult $65/night | Teen $50/night | Child $40/ night

To register for Personal Retreat, reserve one tent or dorm space per person.
Guests must provide their own tents for camping registrations.
Please note that Saturday registrations are ONLY for those who have already been on retreat with us.  If this is your first time, please register for Friday.  If you have any questions please email us: office@magnoliagrovemonastery.orgPlease select from the options below: