One Year Residential Program

One Year Residential Program

The One Year Residential Program is open to all practitioners in our tradition. Participants will have a chance to live and serve at the monastery, to practice and train in mindfulness right within the community. Participants will receive guidance and support from a monastic mentor. The program emphasizes the mindfulness trainings and community living according to the Plum Village monastic tradition. This can be considered a one year extended retreat and it is an extraordinary opportunity to practice and to grow together alongside brothers and sisters, both monastic and lay. It will provide excellent training for anyone interested in Sangha building and community living. Because of the challenge of living and training in a monastic setting, and the commitment required to practice and train for a whole year, a stable practice is essential.


Participants will live within the community and have the opportunity to take part in all community activities (unless restricted by work responsibilities). Participants should expect to remain at the monastery for the whole year period, except for emergencies, such as medical leave, or to support family, or during periods when the monastery is on break. Trips away from the monastery during break periods should be limited to family and personal needs. Housing will be in communal rooms with other residents and long term guests. Service to the community will be offered in specific work areas depending on the experience of the participant and need of the community; flexibility is important since work assignments and practice schedules may change. Participants will meet with a mentor in order to receive practice guidance and to learn about living in a monastic community. Participants in the program normally live and practice together – the capacity to live in harmony with others is essential. Participants will normally spend about 20 hours a week serving the community – however this may vary depending on specific work needs of the community.

The programs begins with a one month evaluation period. Following this period, participants may be invited to take on certain areas of responsibility as their service meditation. There will also be a monastic lead in the area of service. It is necessary for the participant live, practice and serve in harmony with the community, which includes fully participating in the daily schedule in order to be allowed to continue the program.

Applicants might be invited to a phone interview. The monastic community will make a decision regarding applications and communicate the decision to all applicants.


The program requires a commitment to live in harmony with the monastic norms of the
community. In light of the full-time nature of this commitment, it is recommended that
participants be single, without dependent children, and free of external obligations.

There is no financial support provided by the community. Participants offer service and contribute toward food to the community in exchange for support from the monastery, including housing.

All participants must provide for their own health insurance – demonstration of insurance is required.

Previous experience with the monastery and the lay Sanghas of our tradition is required.

Participants should already be practicing the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

The program is open to those who are enthusiastic and energetic in their practice, motivated to build Sangha, and have demonstrated maturity and stability in their practice. We are generally looking for skilled people to serve in the specific positions listed below. We understand that you may have partial knowledge in one of these areas, or skills in multiple areas, or in an area not listed, but which may be of value to the monastery.

Areas of Potential Service and Work Responsibility

  • General Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Outreach
  • Facilities management
  • Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Land stewardship
  • Gardening

Participant guidelines

Participants are required to make the following commitments:

  • Live and practice in accordance with the Five Mindfulness Trainings
  • Serve in a wholehearted and responsible way
  • Participate in community activities as much as possible
  • Establish good communication with other members of the community
  • Perform required duties established with a monastic lead
  • Follow the guidance of a mentor
  • Practice for personal transformation and growth
  • Live in harmony with the monastic trainings and norms
  • Be flexible and willing to adapt to changes in work responsibilities, practice and work schedule changes
  • Take refuge in and abide by monastic community decisions and guidance
  • Be responsible for personal medical and dental care
  • Be responsible for personal living expenses (for example: clothing, toiletries, outside financial responsibilities)

How to Apply

Please kindly note that currently this program is not available until further notice. Thanks for your patience. More information will be provided as soon as possible.