Support the Monastery

The practice of generosity, or dana – sharing our time and energy to support each other – is at the heart of community. An important element of giving is the joy and happiness that we experience when we are able to give from the heart, without any expectation or attachment to the result.


Offering Our Practice
The most precious thing we can offer is our energy of mindfulness. Together we support each other on this beautiful path of practice. We can help the wider community of mindfulness to grow by investing time and energy into our own local community, a sangha, or by helping to create a new sangha. The greatest gift you can offer Magnolia Grove is regularly spending time practicing here. Please visit us!

Offering Financial Support
Another important way to contribute is through financial support–making a donation to the monastery or by becoming a regular donor to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation. All of the financial needs of our monastery and sister monasteries are met through donations and, to a smaller extent, through purchases of books and other items. Please contact the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation for more information about opportunities to offer financial support.

Offering Service
Finally, we can offer our time and energy through service here at the monastery and beyond. When you get to know the community, you will naturally begin to see our needs and the best ways to help. Please reach out to us with any offer of support or take a moment to discuss service opportunities  with any of our monastic brothers or sisters while you are here. We have regular community work days – these work days provide the community an opportunity to spend a Saturday morning working joyfully and harmoniously on a project at Deer Park that needs attention. See our calendar for an upcoming opportunity. Contact your local sangha for opportunities to serve within your local community. 

If you wish to make a donation, please click donate below. Go through the box “Join the Plum Blossom Society.”  Then click that you are not in the European Union, then in the box marked “notes,” please write that it goes to Magnolia Grove Monastery.