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Learning True Love | Special Retreat with Sister Chân Không | May 03-07, 2023 *

Sister Chan Khong will make special visits to Harvard University, Blue Cliff Monastery in New York, Deer Park Monastery in California, and Magnolia Grove Monastery in Mississippi from April to May of 2023. Her love in helping to alleviate the suffering in others and the happiness she shares continue to touch many lives. We warmly […]

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Special Tribute to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

On the one year anniversary of our Beloved Teacher’s passing, we invite you to breathe deeply and smile peacefully in the present as you enjoy this special tribute.

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Healing is Every Step | Retreat for friends in 12-Step Programs | April 12-16, 2023

Healing is Every Step  There is no way to healing, healing is the way. With each mindful breath and each mindful step, we can heal ourselves and cultivate peace, joy and happiness. The Buddha has said there is a path that leads to suffering but there is also a path that leads to the cessation […]

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Registration open | Together We Build the Future | Wake Up Retreat (adults ages 18-35) March 15 – 19, 2023

Our teacher would often say that the next Buddha is the sangha. The collective practice of mindfulness is the way to collective awakening. This is the best thing we can offer the world. Our world needs our practice of awakening. Together we will cultivate mindfulness, concentration and insight – crucial elements on the path to […]

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Pictures | 3-Month Retreat Closing Ceremony (Pavarana Day)

The 3-Month Retreat (Rains Retreat) is the only retreat in the year which is oriented primarily towards monastics and the residential community, in terms of teachings, classes and other sessions. The monastic community is very grateful for the loving service work offered to the community by lay guests who come and support the retreat.

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2023 Calendar of Retreats & Events

Dear beloved Sangha, We happily share with you the retreats and events taking place at the monastery for the year 2023. Please mark your calendar. We hope to post more information of each event in the near future.          Dec 28, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 – Holiday Retreat Jan 10 & Jan 22 : […]

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COVID Health Protocol for In-Person Retreats

UPDATED: As of 20th August 2022, in light of the easing of Covid restrictions, Magnolia Grove Monastery has suspended most of our previous health protocols which were in place (vaccination status & mask-wearing). Upon arrival, guests are welcome to join the community as normal. Guests can choose to wear a mask and to keep social […]

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Planting Seeds for a Better Future (Holiday Retreat) | December 28 – January 01

“Our mind is a field in which every kind of seed is sown — seeds of compassion, joy, and hope, seeds of sorrow, fear, and difficulties. Every day our thoughts, words, and deeds plant new seeds in the field of our consciousness, and what these seeds generate becomes the substance of our life.”    Understanding […]

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Photos | How to Live When a Loved One Dies

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Registration open | Order of Interbeing Weekend : Thầy’s Hands in Our Hands

Order of Interbeing members, currently mentoring aspirants, and sangha facilitators are invited to come together as an OI family at Magnolia Grove Monastery for this special weekend retreat. As we continue our beloved teacher through our diligent practice, we also continue him through practicing joyfully together as a multifold Sangha. Immersed in the Sangha, we […]

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