Buddha series & Old Path White Clouds


We have seen many documentaries and movies about the Buddha, but this Buddha series (55 episodes total, 45 minutes per episode) from India by far is the best, with much details, insights and teachings. The series is produced by Dr. B.K. Modi, an Indian businessman, who met with our Teacher, Thay, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, in 2006 to express his wish to do a movie of the Buddha based on the book OLD PATH WHITE CLOUDS written by our Teacher. This is perhaps the fruit of that meeting.

We kindly invite you to watch this series with peace, joy and moderation. To help us watering the positive seeds inside and allow the teachings in the movie penetrate deeply into our hearts, we invite you to watch no more than seven episodes per week. It is like when we have a delicious plate of food, we want to enjoy it slowly so that our happiness can last longer :).  It is highly encouraged and recommended to read OLD PATH WHITE CLOUDS or listen to the audiobook before or while watching this movie.

The Sisters at Magnolia Grove Monastery are watching this movie together during lazy time. We believe that watching this together with your family, the sangha, the community that lives in harmony and awareness, the Buddha would be very happy 🙂.

The BUDDHA series is on Netflix.

May your day be filled with many moments of happiness.

10 thoughts on “Buddha series & Old Path White Clouds

  1. GUY NGUYEN NHON says:

    Thanks for sharing the info.
    Would highly appreciate if someone could tell me where these series are available free of charge with english subtitles ?

  2. Charles and Darlene Stewart says:

    The Buddha series on Netflix is very inspiring and impactful. We enjoyed it very much and it was very encouraging to our practice.

  3. Hello everyone, can anyone help me to watch this video on any platform. I am currently living in Mexico. So I cannot find it on Netflix. Thank you

  4. Rosaly Torvnes says:

    Today, April 3rd, I can´t find this movie available in any country, through Netflix! 🙁 🙁

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