My Creek Has Died

(For my beautiful Mother)

By Jill

I went to see my creek
But she wasn’t there
I wanted to feel her soft trickle on my feet
And listen to her quiet song

I went to see my creek
But she wasn’t there
It just seems so cruel
My creek is gone

Who could do such a thing?
Separate my creek and me
We loved each other so
I need my creek to go on

Does my creek even miss me?
Does she wish she was here?
How could she leave me?
All alone with this fear

I went into my room
Locked the doors tight
Stopped all the clocks
And sunk into the night

I cried for 20 years and more
I thought that if I cried enough tears
I could fill up the space
Where my creek used to be

Then one day a wise one said to me
Your creek hasn’t gone
Come walk with me
Open your eyes… you will see

She said look at the clouds
And look at your hands
Look at your feet
And feel the wet sand

Your creek is above
Your creek is below
Your creek lives inside you
She wants you to know

And the next time that the great rains come
Just in case you don’t believe
Your creek will show her face to you
And dance with you into the sea


This poem was written by Jill in August 2014 during her three-week stay at the monastery.

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