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Winter in the country of the present moment | photos by Jamie Hadnagy | January 2022
Spring Splendid | February – April 2021 | Photos by monastic community
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Video by Jason (Tuan Anh)

Snow Day @ Magnolia Grove
New Year, New Me - Holiday Retreat 2017
Protecting & Transforming - Retreat for friends in 12 Step Programs
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Day of Mindfulness in Memphis: Peace on Oneself, Peace in the World
The Way Out Is In (High school students)

Photos by Paul Davis:

Joy of Beloved Community (Retreat for Order of Interbeing Members)
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Our Sangha

Photos by Paul Davis:

Wonders at Magnolia Grove

Photos by Paul Davis:

Monastics Enjoying the Present Moment
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Beloved Community Garden
Dharma Day Out

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