Photos | BIPOC Retreat | Deepening Our Roots

On April 06-10, 2022, Magnolia Grove Monastery hosted its inaugural BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) residential retreat as an expression of its commitment to creating a safer, nourishing, affinity space for members of our spiritual family who self-identify as BIPOC. We understand that BIPOC people face specific issues due to their racial/ethnic identities, and that cultivating affinity spaces is a necessary step and offers a beautiful opportunity for nourishment and healing, rest and restoration, and the cultivation of clarity and joy. 

During this retreat, our time together focused on firmly rooting ourselves in – the practice of self-care as self-love; building of kinship with each other; acknowledging our diverse historical roots and spiritual ancestors; and embracing the Dharma as a foundation for stability, liberation, and “love in action.”

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