Vesak – Celebrate Buddha’s Birthday | May 13-15

“We know that a Buddha lives inside of each of us. It’s not the man who lived a long time ago, of course, but the nature of that man.” Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

One of the most profound teachings given by the Buddha is his gentle reminder that we all have Buddha nature inside of us, a Buddha within waiting to manifest when conditions are sufficient. Is there a moment in your daily life when you pause, smile and say silently to yourself, “A lotus for you, a Buddha to be?” This practice can help you to get in touch with your awakened nature. There are certain practices that can help our Buddha nature grow stronger and more beautiful. When we sit and breathe mindfully, when we walk and eat mindfully, we can be more alive, awake and aware; this is the energy of a Buddha. Mindfulness practices help us to get in touch with peace and stability and to generate insight that can change our lives positively. Becoming a Buddha is easier than you may think!

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