Monastery closure until August 12

 Dear Beloved Friends,

We hope this email finds you happy, healthy and in good spirits.

Over the past two years, the monastery has done our best to protect the health of the monastics and friends by getting COVID-19 vaccination, practicing social distancing, wearing masks when going out and when we have events at the monastery. Nevertheless, no matter how much we have done, as we all have learned, when causes and conditions are sufficient, things will manifest. 

Unfortunately, number of our beloved monastics tested positive for COVID-19 at the monastery in the past few days. Due to our limited capacity, and in order not to spread it, we’ve come to the difficult decision to close the monastery until August 12. 

In the meantime, we warmly invite us to join for the Rose Ceremony (Celebrating Parental Love) on August 14. 

Thank you for your understanding and support. We look forward to practicing with you soon. 

With deep gratitude,

The Monastics at Magnolia Grove Monastery

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